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Behavior design and gamification to enhance user involvement


Hi, I'm Rob Haisfield.

I'm the "Head" Consultant.  I'm glad you're here.

I’m Rob Haisfield. I'm a behavior design and gamification consultant, meaning that I apply behavioral science and video game design principles to tech products to enable users to better accomplish their goals.  I’m also a behavioral product strategist for Spark Wave where we build products from the ground up to apply and accelerate the pace of behavioral science.

I got into this world out of a deep passion and curiosity for learning about why people do what they do and a drive to make an impact. Behavior design is a new field, has incredible potential, and still has much to discover. Gamification has been around for a while, but it has tremendous room for improvement because it's been misapplied and copied in its misapplication since its inception.

I hope to combine my expertise in behavioral science and gamification to help users improve their lives through your products. Your users hire you to help them achieve some goal, but loving your product is a result of your teamwork with the user. Both players need to play.

About Me
What can I do for you?

Gamification and Behavior Design Projects to Strengthen Involvement and revenue.

Here we take a peak through a series of behavioral lenses to gain a more clear picture of the the path to user involvement.  We explore challenges and capitalize on opportunities to influence users for their own benefit.

Insights based consulting to empower you to improve your products with psychology

Here we will meet periodically to discuss your questions and find solutions to your problems.  

Workshops to train your people to identify the psychological needs of your consumers

Here your people receive an intensive education about my behavioral lenses.  This training will enable your team to develop strategies to optimize for user involvement.


What is user involvement and how do we optimize it?

User involvement is when people use your product during the situations when your product adds value to the user.  This is distinct from user engagement, which is when people use your service as much as possible. With high user involvement, you've won over your user.  They stay loyal to you for longer, they buy your new products, and they speak highly of you to their friends and contacts.  This is sustainable because you have found the way you fit into your user's lives.


User involvement happens when the person is using your service to do the behaviors that make it awesome when their context calls for it.  We're essentially influencing user behavior so people do what makes both them and your business happy.

Once we've set those behaviors in motion, we create a virtuous cycle of involvement.  This is because the positive behaviors lead to increased involvement while their increased involvement motivates them to do more of the positive behaviors.

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User Involvement

Gamification is a powerful way to design for involvement

Effective behavior design is about influencing users to do the actions that increase their involvement, and the best game designers have it figured out.  Game designers know the best way to play and they design the rules of the game with that in mind.  Games are able to teach players complex information, motivate them through failure, and make repetitive tasks fun to keep players around for a while.  Gamification isn't about points, badges, and leaderboards.  It's about taking inspiration from games.  Effective gamification and behavior design requires a deep understanding of behavioral science and game design.

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